LOIS MORGAN OSTEOPATH is a highly qualified and fully registered equine and human osteopath recognised for her tailored expertise in a range of osteopathic services including osteopathy, kinesio taping, equine osteopathy and medical acupuncture. Working in clinics across Edinburgh, she is now bringing her knowledge and skill to both human and equine patients.



Lois was amazing with my horse, she relaxed him and treated him, with the result being a horse that is free and easy to work with. The difference was fantastic, can’t thank you enough
— Julie Pellington
My back was literally killing me and I’d put up with it for far too long. After my initial consultation and session with Lois, I felt like a new woman – pain-free and far less stressed. And I bought a new specialist chair for my desk-based job!
— Ellen Reilly – Lawyer


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